How it Works – BigCommerce is a “web” site or “portal” as we call it that allows the user to keep web content synced and up-to-date via HTTP. This begins by creating and verifying a account.

Currently to update a BigCommerce ecommerce store one needs to use comma delimited files and provided input and export tools. With BigCommerce users can now use a Microsoft spreadsheet and simple drag and drop, almost identical to Dropbox technology.

The profile begins processing when the BigCommerce products.xlsx file is uploaded to This is accomplished by navigating to the Upload page in the Portal. Then just drag-and-drop the BigCommerce products.xlsx excel workbook and related images to the drag and drop files here. In a short time will begin to process the sync and update requests within the file. for BigCommerce uses the BigCommerce v3 API. This is one of the most robust ecommerce related API’s in the industry and as such supports most all variants of connect and ecommerce catalog detail. Catalog data, multiple images, options and variants. is multi-threaded and can process many files simultaneously. can be customized to create and update content for other software application. Example: you need to use the content from your BigCommerce store and easily put it in Amazon – this is where really shines. Just reset your upload selection to Amazon and drag and drop – better yet some profile jobs can update both BigCommerce and Amazon at the same time.