Synchroniz.io is an SaaS Portal solution providing both drag and drop or fully automatic content management services for a variety of software solutions. We provide customized Portal services for most any database driven digital content.

Synchroniz.io Version 6.0 – Drag and Drop

Synchroniz.io Version 7.0 – Automatic

Synchronization is simple in theory, it is the process of copying the correct set of data between two or more participants (such as computers, devices, or services) at the appropriate time. It can be difficult in practice. Difficulties include the following: integrating different types of data; detecting and resolving conflicts; working with participants of different capabilities, or participants that require different subsets of data; and handling unreliable networks. Synchronization can be crucial to a company’s success.

Providing regular updates to an ecommerce store with thousands of items can be a challenge. It can be such a great task that one never accomplishes it. Creating the initial catalog is the easy part, but keeping the data current without invalidating each item’s search engine link is expensive and time consuming.

Synchroniz provides a solution to these challenges. Customized to your systems, Synchroniz can update from multiple data sources, enhanced content, inventory files, single or multiple stores – a thousand or a million items or more, automatically!

Synchroniz technology uses source and destination profiles and jobs, which create catalogs and processes updates. Updates can be set at multiple times a day or any other duration desired.

Populating a catalog is not a challenge – you import – it is so much better with Synchroniz.io when you drag and drop your data and images. However, maintaining a catalog with thousands or a million items daily or intra-day is a challenge – not just import and export but field level updates. New prices, inventory, descriptions, images – true field level updates, all while maintaining search engine link integrity.

With the growth of ecommerce it is evident that a solution is needed which brings large amounts of data from suppliers to ecommerce stores. Thus we are taking Synchroniz out of the shadows and making it available to update some of the most popular ecommerce software systems, such as, BigCommerce, Amazon, WooCommerce, Shopify and others.

Synchroniz is a software as a service SaaS application developed over several years. Originally developed and used for the internal demands of synchronizing data and media from multiple disbursed geographical sources into remote websites.

These are just basic functions where Synchronize technology has been used. One of the more demanding jobs required an XML update run every 10 minutes, 12 hours a day, to insure a high traffic website was always up-to-date with the latest information. This update included both data and multiple images for each data record. In addition to the automated process, each data record could be edited manually with additional enhanced content which was not available from the data supplier.

If it is digital, Synchroniz can create it and update it!